Workers Compensation

Getting injured hurts.  The consequences of getting injured on the job can be even worse.  Not only do you have pain and injuries to deal with, it affects your job, your paycheck, and especially your family.  Making sure you handle everything correctly can make a huge difference.  If you get injured on the job, make sure and take these 3 steps to help assure you get the support and help you need after your injury.

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1. Report your injury

Being at work, and being injured makes the injury even more stressful.  It can be easy to get carried away in the commotion.  One thing you must do is report your injury as soon as you can.  You should immediately tell your supervisor about the injury, as soon as it happens.  They can begin to help you with your injury.

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2. request to see a doctor

Waiting out an injury can possibly make the injury worse.  Don't put off getting medical help if you have been injured.

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3. do the paperwork

There is no obligation to provide you with benefits unless and until you have reported the injury and the claim form has been returned to your employer.  There are strict limits and timelines that could affect you and your case.  Make sure and be prompt in following them.

Injuries arising out of the workplace can be difficult to deal with.  Make sure and document and record your injuries.  There are set guidelines and time limits you must observe and follow, and steps you can take that will help you get back on your feet.   Call and speak with an attorney to make sure you are getting all the help and support you deserve.