Damaged car
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  • Car Accident
Car Accident
  • $16,406.28Our client sustained injuries in a rear-end collision at a stoplight. After multiple chiropractic sessions to address her neck and back issues, we successfully secured a settlement of $16,406.28 on her behalf.

  • $125,000.00After a car accident, our client experienced significant hip issues, potentially requiring surgical intervention. We successfully maxed out all available insurance policies to ensure she receives the support she needs.

  • $400,000.00 When making a left turn, our client was struck by a careless driver. He was injured and suffered over $6,000.00 in medical bills. Although the insurance company tried to claim he was liable for the crash, we fought for him and were able to get him compensation for his damages.

  • $50,000.00Our client was rear-ended. His vehicle sustained .94ยข in property damage for the license plate light bulb and he reinjured his shoulder. We exhausted all available insurance and recovered $50,000.00 for him.

  • $75,000.00Our client had injured her neck in a previous crash. One year later, our client was sideswiped by a careless driver in a second crash and came to us. She had reinjured her neck. We secured all available insurance and recovered $75,000.00

  • $125,000.00Our client sustained an ankle injury due to a rear-end collision caused by another driver. Facing over $8,000 in medical expenses, we left no stone unturned, tapping into all available resources to secure a settlement of $125,000 for her.

Trucking Accident
  • $300,000.00On client was driving in bumper to bumper traffic when a truck driver became careless and caused a rear end collision. Our client injured his lower back and had over $30,000.00 in medical bills. Through mediation we were able to resolve the case for $300,000.00.

Big rig driving on the highway
  • Settlement
  • Trucking Accident
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