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All Terrain Vehicles, or “quad” bikes, are vehicles with low-pressure tires and handlebars that require the operator to straddle the seat. An ATV crash can have severe effects on the victims because of the limited protection passengers have upon collision. While no one anticipates a crash, a skilled attorney can oftentimes help a victim obtain the maximum compensation achievable.

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Why Hire a Utah ATV Accident Attorney?

Working with the right attorney can be the difference between walking away from your claim and feeling satisfied versus stressed out. An attorney has the experience, skills, and resources that a claimant needs to confidently tackle the ins and outs of recovering damages from an accident. Whether you’re filing a claim or your case has escalated to litigation, an attorney from Valley Law can be there to advocate for your best interests.

Working with an attorney from Valley Law means having:

  • An open line of communication with professionals in the field
  • Comprehensive management of your case, from the big steps to the fine details
  • Protection from common insurance traps

Common Injuries Sustained in ATV Accidents

Just like with any other vehicle, ATVs can be dangerous and cause serious injuries in some accidents.  Not all injuries are severe, and most victims make full recoveries. Some minor injuries include scrapes, bruises, cuts, burns, dislocations, and sprains. With proper clothes and padding, extensive minor injuries can be avoided. While serious injuries are less likely, they can be incredibly impactful or even life-altering. Among the most common serious ATV-related injuries are breaks, fractures, and head/neck injuries. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) are the most common serious injury related to ATVs, and unfortunately, roughly 50% of these reported cases are children.

What Should I Do After an ATV Accident?

Many ATVs are street and highway legal in Utah, which can make them prone to some of the most common car accidents. Any type of accident follows with a moment of shock and uncertainty, but the most important thing to remember is to stay as calm as possible. An ATV accident can happen anywhere; side streets, the highway, or out in the middle of nowhere. It is crucial that a responsible ATV operator takes the time to prepare themself for the possibility of an accident. An accident inhibits things like judgment and clarity, so understanding these steps before you need them can protect you in the long run.

Document the Scene

After a motor vehicle collision, the clean-up crew will likely have the scene clear within hours after the fact. This means that there is a limited window of opportunity for everyone to assess the scene hands-on. In order to effectively recreate the events of the accident, an insurance adjuster will need extensive photo and video evidence for their investigative team. More documented evidence there is of the scene means less ambiguity around the details of the accident.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Determining the extent of your injuries at the scene of the accident may be difficult. Even though your body is likely to fill with adrenaline, making the experience seem surreal and painless, you could sustain critical injuries. To avoid worsening your condition after impact, be sure to move slowly and take a moment to assess your physical condition before getting up. If the collision is serious, first responders will likely show up immediately to assess your physical condition and provide transport to any seriously injured passengers. To protect not only your body, but your insurance claim too, follow any and all advice from first responders and medical professionals.

Get Witness Information

While not every situation will prompt witnesses, and some may not even need their statements, having these allies on standby to solidify the details that you’ve already presented about the events of your accident can strengthen your argument and prevent the negligent party from being able to exaggerate the truth. If you are physically capable, try to flag down witnesses at the scene of your accident and invite them to give statements to the police or ask for their contact information to relay to the proper authorities later. If there are first responders on the scene, they’ll help to corral the bystanders and organize statements.

What is the Process After an ATV Accident Like?

Accidents are overwhelming, but the weeks that follow can be even more daunting to face. The claim process has many steps, and it’s important that every point in the process is handled diligently and confidently to preserve your chances of a satisfying outcome. Managing the car accident claim process alone can leave a victim with many unanswered questions and confused feelings. Thankfully, there are professionals like the legal team at Valley Law who have years of past experience helping people just like you who were injured in an ATV accident.

Victim Files a Claim

Promptly after the collision, the victim must file a claim with their insurer. Because Utah is a no-fault state, victims of car accidents will default to their own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance to cover damages regardless of who was at fault. PIP insurance only covers damages up to a certain point, and it is up to the insured to know whether or not they are receiving the full benefits of their policy. A Utah ATV accident lawyer can make filing a claim easier, as they can review the details of your insurance coverage and the existing claim, acting as a set of professional eyes and ears throughout the process.

Insurance Claim Investigated

Once the insured victim has filed a claim with their insurer, a claim adjuster is contracted to review the details of your claim and insurance policy. This investigation process is also generally quick. While the services of an insurance adjuster seem similar to that of a Utah ATV attorney, they advocate for the best interests of your insurance company and not you personally. Many people are under the impression that their insurer will only act in favor of their interests as policyholders, but the tune changes when you are asking for compensation instead of simply contributing to your monthly premium.

Victim Files a Formal Declaration of Damages

Next, an ATV accident victim will need to compile a formal declaration of damages. Your formal declaration of damages is a comprehensive list of your injuries and items that left the scene of the accident damaged or completely unsalvageable. This documentation is extensive which can make it easy to overlook small losses in the name of convenience if you have decided on working alone. An ATV accident lawyer can help you save time by putting together the bulk of your declaration and even taking the liberty of sending it off for you so you can avoid communication with the insurance adjuster.

Insurer Responds and Negotiations Begin

At this point, the insurance representative will reach out to either you or your attorney with an update on the status of your claim. They will accept or reject the items listed in your declaration, and if you are unsatisfied with what the insurance adjuster has presented, your lawyer can advocate for you throughout the negotiation process. Some insurers will insist on playing hardball, consistently undervaluing the extent of your claim, but a skilled attorney like our talented team at Valley Law Accident and Injury Lawyers has the tools to combat popular lowballing strategies in an effort to protect your case. A settlement will not be distributed until both the victim and the insurer can agree on a compensatory amount, but what happens if you and your insurer can’t agree on a final number?

When is Litigation Necessary?

In a no-fault state, most insurance claims are resolved by a victim’s own coverage, but there are occasions where personal injury insurance is not enough. As previously mentioned, you and your insurer may not come to an agreement on a final settlement, which may prompt further litigation if there is true potential for an increased settlement. Also, PIP coverage only protects a person up to a certain extent, so litigation is the next step in supplementing compensation for the rest of your recovery costs. An ATV accident lawyer can guide you through the complexities of litigation, whether you are up against the negligent party or your own insurance company.

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