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A locomotive on its side after having derailed.Recovering from any serious injury can leave the victim with an overwhelming physical journey ahead, and an expensive financial one as well. If you have been injured in a recent train or railroad accident, an attorney in Utah can be a critical resource in advocating for a settlement that covers all damages you have suffered. Having a skilled team of legal professionals on your side throughout your claim or lawsuit can make all the difference in your confidence, comfort, and chances of successful recovery.

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After a train or railroad accident, the victim will need ample time to rest and recover at the beginning of their healing journey. Unfortunately, this essential rest period in the healing stage can overlap with many important aspects of financial recovery.

It is always better to file a compensation claim sooner rather than later, which means that many victims can feel forced to choose between their financial and physical care. When you work with an attorney, you won’t need to strain yourself for time and energy worrying about the complex ins and outs of litigation.

The steps of litigation can be overwhelming, especially if you are managing the details by yourself, but a Utah train and railroad accident lawyer can take many of the time and energy-consuming aspects off your hands, including:

  • Conversations with the defendant and their representation
  • Analyzing and completing complex legal documents
  • Negotiating a reasonable settlement
  • Potential litigation, up to the point of a jury trial

Working with the trusted team of professionals at Valley Law means having:

  • An open line of communication with professionals in the field: When you work with an attorney, you’ll have access to their knowledge and resources along with experience and services. As questions and concerns come up during the legal process, a lawyer can be there to provide personalized answers to your most pressing questions and offer insight if you have doubts or worries about your claim. A lawyer works specifically for you, the injured victim, but when you leave your questions to outside resources you may never be sure about their true intentions.
  • Case management from big steps to fine details: When you are recovering from a serious injury, trying to manage litigation can be difficult. The injury victim is more likely to miss a small but important detail when managing their case because of their inexperience. Having a lawyer to rely on can not only be strategic protection for an injury claim but also a way to assure that the journey to recovery is more comfortable and less overwhelming for the victim.
  • Protection from common insurance traps: The negligent party and their representation may throw lowball offers at the victim, ask for unnecessary information, or construct leading questions to manipulate the story behind the accident in their favor. A lawyer can help you avoid falling victim to these common insurance traps, ensuring that your claim is never undervalued.

Injuries Commonly Associated With Train and Railroad Accidents

Traveling by train is more common than many people may think, with Amtrak alone carrying more than 30 million passengers per year. Moreover, trains are still a popular method of transportation for many goods, materials, and even hazardous waste. An injury caused by impact on a train can be incredibly serious because of the immense weight of the vehicle. With almost 150,000 railroad workers nationwide, opportunities for injury are abundant.

No two accidents will look the same, but because of the immense force attributed to a train accident, many commonly experienced injuries can be serious or even life-changing. Many serious injuries related to train or railroad accidents will require a shift in work or ability, and a Utah injury attorney can advocate for these details to be considered in your claim.

Some of the most common injuries associated with train and railroad accidents include:

  • Amputations
  • Breaks and fractures
  • Open-head wounds
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Back and spine injuries
  • Nerve damage

What Causes Train Accidents?

While train and railroad accidents happen less frequently than traditional motor vehicle crashes, the effects of these incidents can be just as impactful. The death to non-fatal injury ratio in railroad and train accidents is 1:6, making these situations incredibly dangerous. A train accident can happen for a wide variety of reasons, and that’s why there are extensive safety protocols and other preventative measures around maintaining the railroads.

When a train accident does happen, it may be caused by one of these commonly reported situations:

  • Negligence: Many parties can be held liable for negligence in a train accident; the railway company, conductor, engineer, or other railroad employees can cause an accident by failing to perform their duties carefully or thoroughly enough. For example, equipment failures and malfunctions may be due to improper maintenance.
  • Human error: In some cases, an employee may not be acting negligently but can still put the train or those around it in danger. Improper training, exhaustion from long hours, or simple misunderstandings can cause a dangerous incident.
  • Mechanical failures: Even with safety measures in place to maintain the functionality of equipment, mechanical failures can happen and may result in derailments, collisions, or other accidents. For example, a defective signal or ill-performing part may cause a breakdown in the entire chain of movement.
  • Suicide: An unfortunately common cause of reported train accidents is suicide. Many people choose to end their lives by stepping in front of an oncoming train. In many cases, these attempts fail and the person is left with lifelong injuries from the impact. These accidents can affect bystanders and even the conductor, who may bear some responsibility, even if their attempt was premeditated.

What Is FELA, and Why Is It Important to My Case?

Passed in 1908, the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) was enacted to protect railroad workers in the event of an injury or death by reducing the burden of proof on the victim and giving the employee the choice of moving forward with a claim at the state or federal level. FELA is important for all railroad employees because it acts like worker’s compensation and will make up the bulk of their compensatory figure. While the process for recovering compensation is similar, FELA cases are flexible. The injured party can even choose for their case to be seen by a jury of their peers or a judge, rather than a forced arbitration, like many workers compensation claims resort to.

What to Do After a Train or Railroad Accident?

Even though every accident has its unique details that affect the claim, there is generally a standard process to follow when seeking compensation. Below are some tips that can help every injury victim protect the validity of their claim and prevent it from being undervalued or rejected due to a lack of proof. By following these steps, you’ll essentially create comprehensive documentation that relieves many of the questions and concerns that the negligent party can initially raise.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Any type of train accident should be examined by a medical professional. If you were involved in a collision with a train, the intense force of the vehicle may have caused serious injuries like breaks and fractures. In railroad accidents where the tracks or other equipment caused physical injury, even simple contact can be threatening. A doctor can assess the extent of your injuries and will create a report about their findings. This injury report is essential for recovering compensation for the accident.

Document the Details of the Accident

While your injury assessment will be undeniable evidence of the injury, you’ll also want to gather documentation of the scene of the incident. If you are physically capable, take photos and videos of any recordable details on the scene. Damaged personal items, injuries, and debris can all be documented with photos. Be sure to also record your recovery journey, noting how the injuries are progressing over time.

Find Witnesses, If Possible

Having a witness’s account of the accident can be pivotal in how the negligent party’s representation values your claim. A revealing witness can solidify details that you have already brought forth and help avoid the gray area that jeopardizes your claim’s worth. If you can, prompt bystanders to remain in sight and give statements to local law enforcement. Obtain their contact information, as well, so that they may be reached in the future for further questioning.

If You Or a Loved One Were Injured, Call Our Utah Train or Railroad Accident Law Firm Today

After a train or railroad accident, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what your next steps are. Naturally, questions and concerns will come up as you learn more about the upcoming process, but it can be difficult to sort through the sea of information that’s out there in hopes of finding something relevant.

A lawyer can use their experience, knowledge, and resources to offer you peace of mind when managing the complex legal considerations of your case. Having an attorney also means having a whole team of professionals that can oversee how your case unfolds. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, call (801) 810-9999 or contact us online today!

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