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Dog bites are unfortunately a common problem, especially in Utah. The state of Utah ranks third in the nation in insurance claims related to dog bites. While dogs are known to be man’s best friend, a bite can be extremely painful and traumatic to endure. A dog can attack and bite a human for what feels like no reason, and because our two species don’t speak the same language, communicating boundaries or anxiety can be incredibly difficult.

After bringing a new dog into the family, it is an owner’s responsibility to have their pup trained to function properly outside when they meet other dogs and humans. For animals that are still working on issues with anxiety or aggression, it is important to walk them away from crowded areas where other dogs or people may roam.

A dog bite attack can leave the victim seriously injured or even paralyzed in extreme situations. Every state has different laws on how to proceed with this type of incident, and in Utah, there are a few channels.

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Benefits of Working With a Utah Dog Bite Accident Attorney

The repercussions of a dog bite attack can be severe for the victim, leaving them with new debts, expenses, and lasting pains. Trying to advocate for yourself in this stressed and overwhelmed condition may not be smooth sailing, but an attorney can be your right-hand man, acting and speaking on your behalf.

Along the way, you are bound to have questions and concerns, and your lawyer can also be a practical resource to settle any distress. The legal team at Valley Law is passionate about helping victims of dog bite attacks make a stable recovery, and members of our team are standing by to help you through your unique case, too.

When you work with Valley Law Accident and Injury Lawyers, you can feel confident that you consistently have:

  • An open line of communication with professionals in the field
  • Comprehensive management of your case from the big steps to the fine details
  • Protection from common insurance traps

What Does the Legal Process Look Like for Dog Bites in Utah?

If you have been bitten by a dog and suffered injuries or other damages due to the incident, you have a few options to recover any debts incurred. In Utah, you have more ways to proceed besides a formal lawsuit. Instead, you might be able to go through the dog’s owner’s property insurance company. This way, the litigation process is shorter and you can avoid the extra steps of a lawsuit. To understand what will best fit your unique case, consult with a dog bite attorney.

Insurance Claim

Moving forward with an insurance claim means that you’ll be dealing with an insurance adjuster during the main stages of your case. This can make the process feel more civil and less like a fight.

In Utah, you can go after a dog owner’s homeowners’ policy instead of their personal assets because pets are considered property within the state. In order to go down this route, the dog owner will need to have specific property insurance over their pup.

The dog owner’s insurance representative will act on their behalf during negotiations, so it is in your best interest to have a professional in your corner as well. An attorney can manage the documentation, communication, and negotiation that comes with filing a dog bite insurance claim.


A dog owner is responsible for their canine’s behavior. In situations where a pet causes considerable damage to a person or property, the person who suffered the injuries or other damages can seek compensation to cover the cost of what they endured.

A formal lawsuit involves both parties uncovering the details of the event and, ultimately, seeking a favorable verdict from a jury (if the case doesn’t settle prior to this point, as many do).

It is important to note that in civil lawsuits, no criminal charges or jail time will be brought against either party for the events of a dog bite accident. These elements can, however, be brought into a separate case if law enforcement gets involved, and the criminal proceedings may have bearing on the ultimate outcome for the civil case. For example, if a dog owner is aware of their dog’s dangerous history and provoked an attack, they may face both criminal and civil consequences.

Common Injuries Associated With Dog Bites

While every situation will look different, canine attacks generally lead to a similar set of injuries. The severity of dog bite injuries can range from harmless to paralyzing, but it is always important to have dog bites checked for further complications.

Some of the most common injuries faced by victims of dog bite attacks include:

  • Hand injuries
  • Severed tendons
  • Abrasions
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts
  • Eye injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Infections
  • Nerve damage
  • Long-lasting scars

What Should I Do After Being Bitten By a Dog?

After enduring a dog bite, you are likely to feel shocked and confused about the nature of what just happened. The effects of a dog bite can range from minor to severe, and the only way to fully understand how the incident affected you is to be assessed.

There are a few general tips that victims of dog attacks should follow in order to preserve the validity of their claim for compensation. While every situation is different, adhering to these tips can help your attorney put together a comprehensive case that represents your best interests during steps like negotiation.

Seek Medical Attention

It is critical that all victims of dog bite attacks immediately seek emergency care. You may not feel as though you need to be seen by a medical professional, but even minor bites can be dangerous — especially if the animal is a stranger to you. Dogs and other animals can carry the viral disease, rabies. This is a serious, often fatal, condition involving pathogens that rapidly attacks the brain and nervous system.

Rarely will a person infected with rabies survive, especially if they delay treatment after the bite. Fortunately, if the situation is addressed shortly after exposure, a series of injections can be administered to offset the progression of serious symptoms and death.

Document Your Injuries

Dog attacks can leave the victim with a long road to recovery ahead of them. Sometimes, the healing journey can be painful and highly inconvenient to your daily life. This is especially true when the injuries affect the hands or the lower extremity, as they often do in such cases.

It is important that you record the struggles throughout your recovery to show the impact the event had on your life. This documentation can be great evidence for your attorney to utilize when negotiating for pain and suffering damages on your behalf. Placing this note-keeping in a file with doctor’s notes, documentation on the state of your condition, and pictures/videos is a perfect approach that raises your chances of recovering all applicable damages.

Report the Incident

In order to receive compensation for a dog bite attack, you’ll first need to file a formal incident report with the proper authorities.

In Utah, you can report a dog bite to animal control, the Health Department, or in extreme situations, the police. Subsequently, after your report, a full investigation will be conducted to determine the nature of the incident and if the animal remains a threat.

Note that there is no law requiring the euthanization of dogs who have bitten one person in Utah, so calling animal services will not sentence a dog to death. This step is mainly for the insurance claim and to record your experience for future reference.

Also note that Utah imposes strict liability for dog bites, meaning owners are responsible for the damages their pet inflicts, even if they had no forewarning or previous experience that would allow them to predict when the animal might respond aggressively.

Formal Request for Cost of Damages Sheets Claim Into Motion

Once the initial steps of your accident are settled — medical care, incurring bills — you’ll need to send a formal declaration of the damages you are requesting compensation for to either the dog’s owner or their insurance company.

Your attorney can help you draft this declaration of damages, as it is supposed to be a thorough document containing every bill, added expense, and ounce of suffering that you carry because of the incident.

Without a lawyer, you may overlook some key details that should be stated in your formal declaration. Ensure the comprehensiveness of your claim for compensation by securing the skills and resources that come with the representation of a lawyer.

Call Our Utah Dog Bite Accident Law Firm About Your Options After An Injury

Managing the aftermath of a dog attack can feel scary, especially when you try to juggle the details of litigation on your own. The recovery journey is enough, and retaining the help of a skilled team of professionals can help you shift your focus back onto rehabilitation, away from paperwork and negotiations.

Navigating the claim process can be confusing and overwhelming at times, but with the team at Valley Law Accident and Injury Lawyers, you’ll gain a team of skilled advocates who can be there to watch your back and answer any of your most pressing questions along the way. Schedule a free case review when you call (801) 810-9999 or contact us online.

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