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Car accidents are some of the most common forms of personal injury in Utah and elsewhere. According to the Utah Highway Safety Office, over 60,000 car accidents occurred in 2021, leading to 332 fatalities and more than 26,000 injuries.

Utah’s “no-fault” car accident system can make it tough to file a claim against an at-fault driver’s insurance policy, but we are here to help. Our attorneys are fully prepared to help you establish the injury threshold and seek to hold all irresponsible drivers accountable for the losses they cause.

Because of their massive size, semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles tend to cause major damage to others involved in a wreck. An analysis of data by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that, in accidents involving a truck and at least one other vehicle, occupants of the other vehicle(s) suffer 72% of fatalities.

Making matters more dire, trucking companies and the insurers that represent them often put up tough barriers to getting the compensation accident victims need. Valley Law is prepared to go head-to-head with these organizations, and we aren’t afraid to fight for the compensation you need to recover.

Motorcycle accidents can involve some serious medical conditions — often fatal — as well as complicated accident scenarios. Insurers and other parties are quick to paint motorcycle operators as responsible, in part or in full, for the accident that led to their injury. In truth, many motorcycle accident cases involve drivers being careless. A study by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) revealed that a jaw-dropping 83% of vehicles involved in an accident with a motorcycle failed to take any measures to avoid a collision.

Valley Law Accident and Injury Lawyers know that, after a motorcycle crash, the victim and their families are likely to have high medical costs and other losses. We represent you to aggressively seek any and all compensation that can be obtained from all possible parties.

Pedestrian accidents happen all too often, and they can leave victims with serious injuries that hamper their ability to work or participate in everyday activities. Worse, many pedestrian accidents involve hit-and-runs.

Valley Law will gather as much evidence as possible after your pedestrian accident, while helping you get a full diagnosis so that none of your medical conditions are overlooked or downplayed. After a pedestrian accident, it is critical for victims to hold the at-fault parties accountable. Working with an attorney can maximize your chances of successfully doing so.

Alternative transportation should be safe, but road design flaws and careless drivers present risks that constantly put bicyclists in harm’s way. Let us help you file a claim to fully cover the costs of your medical bills after your biking accident, along with accurate replacement costs for your bike and all of its accessories.

From boating in Utah’s legendary Great Salt Lake to its many other recreational areas and reservoirs, hitting the waters should be an enjoyable pastime. Unfortunately, careless operators, defective boat manufacturers, negligent rental companies, and other liable parties can all increase the risk of a serious accident on Utah’s waters. When you have been hurt on a boating accident, don’t hesitate to reach out to the firm that will assert your right to recover all of the damages you have suffered.

Whether you are at a store, an apartment complex, a government building, or a private home, the property owner has a duty to keep you safe on their premises. Any failure to remove hazards — or at least properly warn visitors about them — can constitute a negligent act, making the property owner responsible for the injuries they cause.

Common types of premises liability cases include falls from slippery substances, trips on poorly marked level changes, and incidents involving poorly maintained stairwells, railings, or flooring. Some cases may also involve structural collapse, exposure to toxic substances, electrical shock, or any other number of possible harms.

Utah is always growing, but the job sites where our biggest booms take place are not always safe. Accidents on construction sites can hurt workers, contractors, visitors, and even totally unaware passers-by. Property owners as well as job foremen are responsible for the safety of everyone in the premises. When they fail to do so, that’s when they may have a personal injury claim on their hands.

On the course, at parks, and increasingly around cart-friendly towns like Elk Ridge, golf carts are an increasingly popular way to get around the beehive state. At the same time, golf carts pose extreme risks when careless drivers, defective carts, and dangerous path designs come into the mix. Worse, many golf cart accident victims are very young or very old, leading to more-significant injuries than would be expected. A cart’s lack of protections and safety features for riders also makes these injuries worse than what would occur in a typical car accident — even at low speeds.

Valley Law Accident and Injury Lawyers can help you examine the full circumstances surrounding your golf cart accident and identify all liable parties.

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices are trusted on by tens of millions of patients, but sometimes that trust is tragically misplaced. Harmful drugs and defective devices cause tens of thousands of adverse effects and other harms each year. Drug and medical device companies are also notoriously secretive, reluctant to provide requested information or to even admit the possibility that their products cause harm. An attorney from Valley Law can fight against big corporate interests to fully investigate your adverse event and seek to hold companies accountable for the harm you have suffered.

Daycare centers are responsible for our most-precious loved ones, who aren’t old enough to fully look out for their own safety. Unfortunately, daycare centers can engage in neglect, careless safety practices, or sometimes even intentional abuse, causing suffering to some of the most vulnerable members of our community. When your family has been affected by a childcare center accident or abuse, trust our attorneys to fight aggressively to hold them accountable and prove the extent of harm they caused.

Dogs can inflict serious harm, and owners are responsible for preventing them from injuring others. When owners fail to uphold this duty, maiming, amputation, and even death can result. Utah’s dog bite statutes are, fortunately, strict, holding dog owners accountable regardless of whether it can be proved that the animal showed prior signs of aggression. Valley Law can help you get a full diagnosis, project the full extent of treatment costs, and get you compensation for any loss of ability to fully use your hands or other limbs affected in a dog attack.

Wrongful death cases are the most tragic outcome of an injury accident, often costing families hundreds of thousands in the loss of the loved one’s income on top of steep medical bills and funerary expenses. A wrongful death claim seeks to recover all of these losses, including the financial impacts to the victim prior to their death and both the tangible and intangible losses experienced by the survivors who no longer have their family member around to love and support them.

We represent workers’ compensation claims at any stage of the process. You can come to us as soon as you are hurt and rely on us to review any benefits offered by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. You can particularly count on us when you are facing an unfair denial of benefits. We have extensive experience helping occupational injury victims get an accurate diagnosis. We can then fight to hold insurers accountable for the maximum amount of benefits available for your case.

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